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Hi guys, Mr. Rochester, my cat, is doing better. I just talked to the vet and they said he was eating and doing much better with fluids. I still don’t know when he can come home. 

I’m going out of town for a wedding on Thursday, so regardless I have to board him with the vet for a few days next week because they’ll have to continue his treatment.

It’s all really expensive and eating away at my savings account. Anything you can spare - even $5 - would really help me and my kitty.


p.s. you can also donate funds to my Paypal account (


I just got off the phone with my vet. Mr. Rochester is doing much better. He’s eating and his levels are all going down.

He has to stay at least one more night with I.V. fluids before he can come home (though I have to board him again with the vet when I go out of town so he can get all his medicine while I’m gone).

His red blood cells are a little off, but they’re giving him some medicine for that.

His kidneys are going to be deficient from here on out and I will have to change his diet and be extremely careful and watchful, but the vet told me multiple times that this does not mean he’s going to leave me anytime soon and that many cats with deficient kidneys live for a long time.

I’m still a crying mess. My apartment is so quiet without his meowing.

This is all going to cost a lot, not just for the treatment right now and his boarding next weekend, but for continual monitoring, so anything you can spare right now is more than helpful:

Still no word on when he can come home :(


Mr. Rochester is going to have to stay at the hospital until I get back from my friend’s wedding on Sunday night. 

This is really, really expensive and I really need your help. I can’t stress enough how even $5 from a lot of you will add up to paying for his care.


Thanks for all the kind words and support for me and my kitty.

If you wanna help out but can’t donate money, sharing this link on your social channels would be really great:

I’m supposed to get an update about Mr. Rochester around 8 o’clock tonight. I’ll keep you all posted.